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Handling the Emotional Side of Selling a Home

Buying and selling a home can be very exciting and rewarding, but it can also bring up many different feelings. In particular, the emotional side of selling a home can be significant for a lot of sellers. Letting go of a house and moving on to something new can be challenging depending on the circumstances.

Julia Monaghan Real Estate understands the complicated emotions that can come with buying and selling a house. Our team helps you move through the process with patience and compassion so that you can enjoy the results of a smooth transaction. Connect with us today to get started.

Place and Memory

The connection between our physical spaces and our memories is very real. So it makes perfect sense that your home would hold tremendous emotional value because of all the memories created there. Whether good or bad, the feelings that homes carry are powerful.

The emotional side of selling a home can be tricky to navigate.

The saying, “Home Is Where the Heart Is,” speaks the truth. Our homes are often places of refuge, safety, and comfort. They are where we gather with loved ones for celebrations, slam doors after arguments, and share the chaos of day-to-day life. Our homes see it all.

The most recent data tells us that homeowners stay in their houses for an average of 13 years. That’s a lot of time to build up experiences and memories that cover the full range of emotions. So when it comes time to sell, it’s ok to acknowledge all of those feelings.

A Home Full of Milestones

Given that 13-year average, there are a lot of milestones that families experience in their homes. From marriages to raising children to the loss of loved ones, homes bear witness to significant life events.

But for many of us, it’s the smaller memories that hold a lot of space in our hearts. Our homes remind us of sleepless nights with a newborn or our home remodeling projects gone awry. They remind us of our spouse getting home after a trip away or a child returning from college. They remind us of all the little moments that build a life.

Homes are full of memories that can make selling your house an emotional experience.

With all of these snapshots in mind, the emotional side of selling a home can be challenging. And as a real estate agent, I don’t take that lightly for my clients. I honor this journey and work to make it as simple as possible for everyone involved.

Circumstances Impact the Emotions

All of the memories you’ve built in your home can make selling highly emotional. But the circumstances around your home sale are also highly impactful. 

Is the sale due to a new job in a different city? If so, you’re likely feeling excited, nervous, and perhaps a bit sad. A home sale due to divorce may bring anger, frustration, or even relief. And selling a house to downsize as empty nesters can be bittersweet.

No matter what the circumstances are for your home sale, you’re bound to experience a range of emotions. And those feelings may shift from day to day and even from hour to hour. 

It’s also common for different family members to have drastically different emotional responses. For example, if your move is because you are starting a new job, you are probably excited, but your children may be upset. 

Tips for Handling the Emotional Side of Selling a Home

The emotional side of selling a home can be especially hard on children.

As challenging as it can be to sell a house you’ve lived in for years, it’s possible to make the emotions less overwhelming. Here are my top tips for managing the big feelings you might experience.

Allow Permission To Feel It All

Selling a home takes a lot of effort. You will have a lot on your plate, from cleaning to staging to preparing for showings. Even when you’re caught up in the busyness of selling, give yourself time to acknowledge everyone’s emotions. You don’t have to ignore them or brush them under the rug. 

Focus On Your “Why”

Why are you choosing to sell now? Is it a great time to get a high offer? If so, focus on the financial freedom your proceeds can give you. Are your children grown, and it’s time to downsize? Focus on the ease you’ll have with a smaller house to maintain.

The more you can focus on the results of your home sale, the easier it will be to navigate the emotions. For children, this is a trickier process. Helping kids prepare for a move takes time and patience as they will likely have different feelings about it than you do.

Be Realistic About the Listing Price

Emotions can make it hard to be realistic about the asking price when you sell your home.

When emotions are running high, sellers tend to think their home is worth more than the market will support. Although the memories you hold are invaluable, the property needs a competitive asking price for a successful sale.

Rely on your agent and their analysis to determine an appropriate listing price. You will probably enjoy a quicker sale with fewer hiccups by pricing your house appropriately.

Line Up Help

Selling a house is stressful if you’re trying to do everything yourself. Ease the tension and anxiety by getting help wherever you can. Whether it’s asking a friend to watch your kids for a weekend of open houses or hiring a professional cleaner to keep you showing-ready, lining up some assistance is crucial.

And don’t forget to get emotional support, too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this move, reach out to a counselor or other mental health professional. Having an unbiased third party to talk to can make a world of difference. Similarly, journaling throughout the selling process can be very helpful for acknowledging and honoring your emotions.

Choose an Agent You Trust

Choosing an experienced agent will help you navigate your home sale with confidence.

The realtor/client relationship relies on communication and trust. Be sure you are comfortable with the agent you hire and that you feel seen and heard when talking with them. Spend time interviewing potential agents so that you can choose the best fit for your needs.

We Understand this Journey

At Julia Monaghan Real Estate, we know the excitement and other emotions of buying and selling a house. It’s a big step, no matter the reason behind it. As an experienced buyer’s and seller’s agent, I work to give you the smoothest process possible so that you can enjoy whatever phase of life is up next. Reach out today to chat about how I can help you reach your real estate goals.

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