Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

Real estate isn’t about selling properties – I don’t even consider what I do sales. Real estate is about offering services and marketing. The services I excel in are building relationships and making connections, consulting, educating, collaborating, and helping people reach their dreams. Learning about and understanding my clients can sometimes be the best way to help answer their concerns and the big questions they may have.

People tend to think that selling will be extremely stressful. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Approaching the sale of your home with a set of goals, a plan and timeline on how to achieve them can really reduce the amount of stress associated with selling. I work with my clients to approach buying or selling with intent and market knowledge.

Whether buying, investing, or selling, I help clients by keeping current and educated in the market and by being organized, dedicated to their needs, and motivated to help them achieve their goals.

What a pleasure it is to write this five-star review for Julia. As our realtor, Julia helped us both buy and sell a home simultaneously and managed both transactions flawlessly. In terms of selling our home, Julia helped us set a strategy right from the get-go and then guided us along the way. Her  advice never pushed us in one direction or the other but rather truly helped us achieve our goals. As well, she made sure our expectations as sellers were reasonable and always made sure the sale of our home was fair to all parties while advocating for our best interest. Julia followed up after every tour and gave us feedback along the way on how we could make our home more attractive to buyers. This kind of advice and partnership is invaluable.

As our realtor for purchasing a home at the same time, Julia had to navigate some difficult situations with the owners of the home we were purchasing. She handled their sharp attitude and inflexibility with grace and understanding while still making sure that our timeline and needs were met. I truly appreciate the way Julia advised us along the way while leaving the ultimate decision in our hands when putting in an offer price and asking for repairs.

Julia managed both transactions through to the end seamlessly and kept us up to date along every step of the way. Even when there were last minute issues, she was working behind the scenes and always came to us with a solution every time there was a problem. At one point before meeting Julia, we thought we might be able to do this on our own. After experiencing the true and genuine care she has for clients, I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you want someone who knows the market, will look out for your best interest, and be by your side every step of the way then Julia is definitely your realtor. 

Jonathan and Robbie

Julia was amazing! She is very knowledgeable and was great when it came time for negotiating expensive repairs. She didn’t let up for a minute! Julia has great communication skills and was constantly in touch with us every step of the way. She is very friendly and funny, and we really enjoyed our time with her! We are so thankful that we found her!

Kelly M