Hard Working Mama

Fun times pumping in the car.

Tuesday was just a normal day of getting kids ready for and dropping off at daycare, previewing houses for a client, coffee, working at the office for a couple hours, cramming in lunch, meeting a potential buyer for the first time…oh yeah, & pumping 3x so I can continue to breastfeed my 6-month-old.

▪️Have I missed out on potential business because I’ve had to pump at open houses? ✅

▪️Have I excused myself at inopportune times so I could pump? ✅

▪️Do I schedule meetings, open houses, workouts, and pretty much everything around pumping? ✅

▪️Have complete strangers seen me awkwardly stripping off my top so I can pump in my car? ✅ 

▪️Am I the only mama (or parent) who deals with this or some other form of prioritizing family or my kid’s needs? ❌

I know I’m not the only one traveling at top speed accomplishing everything that they are committed to. I see my girlfriends, sisters, clients, colleagues doing as much if not more than I do and am amazed by all of them.

I don’t have profound advice for you and all I can say is, you are not alone & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! #ibelieveinyou

Arlo believes in you too.

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