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Plum Street Remodel – Portland, Oregon (Part 3)

This video in the Plum Street renovation series is sort of a mashup of some of the exterior work we’re doing; porch coverings, siding and window demo…because I got a little behind in my video making endeavors! We hit an unexpected expense in the window replacement project along with a potential delay that we navigated – like champs I think! Every window had to be reframed to allow for the new windows to be put in — and we had to give up some of the vintage charm of the old windows. At least we didn’t need to sacrifice much natural light!

I think my biggest take away in going through this process is that you must expect (and budget for!) the unexpected because something will, without a doubt, come up.

Next stop, bee retrieval, painting, grading the driveway and more yard clean up! What will happen next?!?

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