SE Portland embraces local, sustainable cuisine.
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Getting To Know Southeast Portland

Southeast Portland stands out in PDX as one of the most popular sections of town. The hip, quirky, eclectic area draws many first-time buyers and is iconically Portland.

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Room To Grown and Thrive

This part of Portland lies east of the Willamette River and south of Burnside Street. It encompasses the close-in urban feel and the brand new homes of Happy Valley. SE Portland has something for everyone.

Homes in SE Portland often have basements and good-sized yards, making them perfect for growing families. Boasting some of the city’s largest natural areas and miles of bike lanes, SE Portland makes it easy to get outside and enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

Southeast Portland is full of well-established neighborhoods and parks.

Popular neighborhoods like Hawthorne and Belmont are full of local shops, restaurants, and theaters that help promote the “Keep Portland Weird” vibe. Further out are communities like Lents and Hazelwood, which offer a little more space and affordability.

SE Portland is one of the most diverse parts of the city, drawing people from all kinds of backgrounds. Its affordability and livability make it an ideal spot for young singles, couples, and families. 

It’s hard to get more Portland than SE PDX, so anyone looking to immerse themselves in the ebb and flow of this vibrant city might want to start here.

Culture Abounds

Thanks to the Eastbank Esplanade, SE Portland literally begins on top of the Willamette River that divides Portland’s east and west sides. This quadrant moves out south and east of downtown Portland from there. Joining the Esplanade on the river is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). This world-class museum has been feeding curious minds for more than 50 years.

OMSI sits on the banks of the Willamette River in SE Portland.

Are you a movie buff, by chance? SE Portland is also home to the world’s largest video store, Movie Madness. Located in the Belmont neighborhood, this landmark is a throwback monument to the love of movies and is a must-see for any film fan. 

For the intellectuals out there, SE Portland is home to world-renowned Reed College. This unique liberal arts college has been educating the world’s brightest students for more than 100 years. Students and visitors enjoy strolling through the beautiful campus.

Shopping and Eating Around SE Portland

Throwback, nostalgia, and vintage are part of the fabric of SE Portland. Dozens of antique and thrift shops line the streets of the Hawthorne and Sellwood neighborhoods. From bargain bins to high-end resale boutiques, Southeast Portland has fun shopping experiences for everyone. In Southeast Portland, everything old is new again.

When it’s time for something to eat after all that shopping, you have loads of options in SE Portland. Food is a major cultural force in Portland as the city fully embraces the farm-to-table movement. There is an abundance of excellent dining in PDX, and SE Portland is home to some of the best restaurants in town. 

The farm-to-table is a big part of the Portland dining scene.

In particular, SE Division St. houses many of the must-visit restaurants, bars, and food carts. Popular spots such as Pine State Biscuits and Produce Row Cafe ensure the neighborhood is well-fed. This quadrant of the city is also the perfect spot to find food to meet specific dietary needs and preferences, such as vegan and gluten-free.

Think Locally, Act Locally

Another exciting facet of SE Portland is the sheer amount of locally-owned businesses. You can spend an entire day walking around Belmont, Hawthorne, or Sellwood and rarely, if ever, see a national chain of any sort.

Southeast Portland is a way of life. Residents and visitors love to walk and bike from place to place, turning each neighborhood into a community centered around locally owned businesses. In turn, this strong foundation of community creates a great place to raise a family.

Social justice causes, local artists, and community-supported non-profits all add to the ethos and youthful feel of this part of Portland. By supporting one another, the Southeast neighborhoods form something greater than a sum of their parts.  

SE Portland is all about community and justice.

A Slower Pace

Most of SE Portland is a hustling, bustling place with a lot going on in each neighborhood. But not everyone wants that feel, so for those looking for something a little more suburban, outlying suburbs like Happy Valley may be a great fit. This part of town has newer homes, close-in services, and access to public transportation.

Did I Mention the Volcano?

Ok, it’s a dormant volcano, but it’s a volcano nonetheless! Mt. Tabor sits smack dab in the middle of SE Portland. It is a prize location for those who want access to the hip world of Hawthorne but also some peace and quiet. 

The Mt. Tabor homes benefit from this unique geography and enjoy larger yards and more privacy than you might expect in an urban neighborhood. And they also have quick access to Mt. Tabor Park for hiking and all kinds of outdoor fun.

Oaks Park is an iconic and beloved part of Southeast Portland.

While we are on the topic of fun, I can’t forget to mention Oaks Park. This Portland icon is an old-school amusement park located on the shores of the Willamette River, just north of the Sellwood neighborhood. Oaks Park offers fun midway games and carnival rides and boasts the nation’s oldest roller skating rink. It’s also home to the world champion roller derby team, the Rose City Rollers.

For more outside activities, residents and visitors enjoy the Leach Botanical Garden and the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. These stunning spots offer a beautiful respite from the stimuli of the city.

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