The Journey Begins – Plum St Remodel Portland, Oregon (Part 1)

It’s time.

We’ve held on to our spooky little Plum Street house as long as possible, but it’s time to move everything out, fix her up, and get some new life in her! Our paths and plans have changed and we no longer plan to remodel for our family — so we’ve decided to remodel for different one! This will be my first go at heading up a full on remodel project and I’m BEEEEEYOOOOND excited…and a little nervous…and a little sad too. I thought we’d end back up in our spooky pad in SW Portland! This little house has so much potential and life in it and I can’t wait to show you the progress and share the bumps and ups of this remodel as I learn. There’s a first time for everything, right?!

The age old question in real estate is, what’s the properties highest and best use? Well, Plum street hasn’t ever really had its day in the sun (or rather it’s day in highest and best use). We’re here to get her to her glory!

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