Selling a home during the holidays can make for a Merry Christmas!
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5 Reasons It’s Great to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Most home buying and selling activity occurs in the spring and summer months. But you can successfully sell your home during the holidays with a little help from a dedicated real estate agent. In fact, many people find that it’s an excellent time to sell.

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Why It Works to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

Although adding “sell the house” to your holiday to-do list might not sound appealing, it actually can be a brilliant move. Here are five reasons it’s ok to sell your home during the holidays.

1. The Law of Supply and Demand

Do you remember learning about supply and demand in economics class? It goes like this: if there are more buyers than there are items to purchase, prices go up. If there are more purchases available than interested buyers, prices go down. 

Historically, there are fewer homes on the market during the holiday season. This works in your favor as a home seller. You will have what people want and can set your asking price accordingly.

Sell your home during the holidays with an expert agent.

Sellers have an advantage when there are fewer homes available to potential buyers. House hunters will compare your home to similar listings. And with less competition on the market, your home is more likely to stand out. 

2. Fewer Looky-Loos

Have you ever gone to an open house just for fun? You are not alone. Many people who visit open houses aren’t actively seeking to purchase a property. 

When you sell your home during the holidays, you’ll have more focused showings for legitimate buyers. There are fewer home tourists out during the holiday season, leaving you with a higher percentage of house hunters who actually are on the hunt. 

3. ‘Tis the Season for More Space

Your home won’t be in a Macy’s Black Friday sale, but you can still benefit from the holiday season. 

Having holiday gatherings or visits from relatives can make many homeowners realize they need more space. Perhaps they want a bigger lot or an extra bathroom. All of the holiday togetherness definitely can bring a desire for a bigger house.

In addition, some buyers may be looking for an investment property before the end of the year. Closing by December 31st allows them to take the tax deductions that come with ownership, so November and December can be prime months for selling to investors.

4. Your Whole Neighborhood Is on Display

Your neighborhood can look festive during the holidays.

Potential buyers aren’t just looking for a home. They’re looking for a neighborhood. Whether it’s quiet and cozy or bustling with an urban flair, communities tend to show their best side during the holidays. 

Most of us have very little control over how our neighbors maintain their spaces. But when you sell your home during the holidays, your neighbors are unlikely to have half-finished projects lying around. Instead, they probably will have put time and effort into holiday lights and decorations, giving your whole street a warm and polished appearance. 

5. The Internet Doesn’t Have Snow Days.

Unlike a traditional tour of homes with a realtor, shopping for a home online isn’t limited by the weather. And buyers can see more homes in a couple of hours than they could in a whole day of driving from house to house.

People have time off around the holidays. Even if the weather keeps them indoors, serious buyers will get the chance to preview homes for sale online. In fact, about 44% of buyers begin their house hunt online.

The week after Christmas is one of the busiest of the year for home-buying. All of the time off from work, indulgence, and resolutions come together to make it a great time to sell your home. 

Enjoy selling your home during the holidays.

Give Yourself a Holiday Present

If you’ve decided to sell your home, don’t delay because of the season. Selling your home during the holidays gives you access to:

  • A friendly market with fewer homes for buyers to consider
  • A cheerful neighborhood spiffed up to boost your curb appeal
  • Motivated buyers who are ready to close on a house quickly

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home During the Holidays? 

The housing market has stayed strong despite the turbulence of 2020. Many markets, such as Portland, OR, are experiencing fast home sales with offers well over asking prices. So selling now is still a great idea.

Are you ready to list your home? Consider these tips for selling in the colder months:

  • Make it cozy. Now is not the time to save on your heating bill. Keep your home warm enough to be comfortable during showings.
  • Dial down the bling. Yes, it is a season for holiday decorations, but don’t go overboard. A string of soft, white lights along your roofline looks beautiful. A Christmas tree with a bit of flair lends to the feel of the season, but it’s best to avoid overt religious decorations when selling your house.
  • Outdoor lighting is critical during the dark winter days. Pathway lights and spotlights add warmth and safety to your curb appeal. 
  • Make sure the walkway to your home is clean and free of ice. Nothing could be less welcoming than slipping and landing on your backside on the way to the front door.
  • Freshen up the air. It’s not a great time of year for opening windows and letting in the fresh air. But simmering some water with spices can make your home smell inviting. Avoid scented candles or air fresheners since they tend to make buyers think you’re covering a bad smell.
  • Stage your home. Either on your own or with a professional stager, invest the time in staging your home for sale. You will likely enjoy a much quicker sale.

When it comes to selling a home during the holidays, be sure you are working with an experienced seller’s agent. They will keep things moving smoothly for you on this journey.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Home buying and selling during the holidays don’t have to be stressful experiences. Contact Julia Monaghan Real Estate today. We’ll guide you through the process so that you can enjoy a happy holidays.

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