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Top 6 Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Buying a home is one of those significant life milestones that people love to celebrate. It’s not necessarily quite at the ‘getting married’ or ‘having a baby’ level, but it’s a big one. And shopping for perfect housewarming gifts for friends and relatives can be a lot of fun.

Here in Portland, OR, and surrounding areas, we have an abundance of locally-produced, high-quality gift options. From wine to plants to personalized treasures, there is something for everyone. 

And there are also plenty of beautiful homes if you’re in the market for yourself. At Julia Monaghan Real Estate, it’s an honor to work with buyers and sellers as they navigate the real estate world. We work with integrity and enthusiasm to help you sell, buy, or both. Let’s connect and see how we can serve you.

A History of Housewarming Parties

The idea of celebrating a new home isn’t a modern notion. Rather, it comes to us from medieval times when people had to construct their homes themselves. Usually, they had the help of relatives and neighbors. 

When they finished building their modest abode, a family would hang a chimney hook in the fireplace for holding their cooking pot. And they would cook a meal there to share with everyone who had helped build the house.

In older times, people brought firewood to warm someone's new home.

In later times, but before central heating, the tradition evolved a bit. Friends and relatives would bring wood to the party and light fires in all the home’s fireplaces. They, literally, warmed the house in celebration.

Modern housewarming parties still involve food and drinks and time to celebrate. But the traditional gift of firewood has given way to many different options. Read on for some popular housewarming gift ideas.

Perfect Housewarming Gifts for the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Choosing gifts for housewarmings or any other occasion is a breeze with so many unique small businesses offering beautiful, fun, and quirky options. Here are our top six favorites.

1. Plants and Flowers

Adding some greenery and color to a room can help a house feel like a home. Flowers and plants bring a sense of serenity and loveliness to a home’s rooms. Research indicates that just looking at plants can help lower a person’s heart rate.

And beyond just being beautiful, plants help create a healthy home environment. They are natural air purifiers that help remove toxins. And they also help increase your creativity and focus in workspaces. 

For an impressive housewarming gift, consider a unique living wall from Petals and Frond. These stunning pieces bring a lush design into any space and are even perfect for areas with low light. Petals and Frond also offers houseplants and incredible floral arrangements. You’re sure to find something to bring joy to the new homeowners.

Living walls, made of moss, are a beautiful housewarming gift.

2. Eco-Friendly Items

Eco-friendly choices help you spoil the new homeowners while remaining environmentally conscious. Reusable and no-waste options are some of the most popular housewarming gifts on the market.

Portland business, Heather’s Treasures, offers beeswax wraps and reusable “paper” towels to cut down on single-use products that take over the landfills. And the charming BBTea Jars has beautiful reusable boba tea jars for your favorite beverages or morning smoothies.

3. Delicious Food

Food remains one of the top ways that people show love to one another. From providing nourishment to offering a tasty treat, food as a gift is always welcome. 

When heading to a housewarming party, you’re sure to be the new favorite friend if you show up with a plate of incredible desserts. Mama’s Artisan Sweets offers delicious cakes, cupcakes, and over-the-top macarons. And Chopped-winning baker, Mindy Simmons, creates incredible pastries-to-go at her shop, Decadent Creations.

You’ll be the hit of the housewarming party with any of these fantastic options.

4. Tasty Beverages

Help the new homeowners stock up with fabulous beverage options from the Pacific Northwest. For wine connoisseurs, check out Rose and Fern Cellars or Gonzales Wine Company for delicious options that are sure to please. 

Trying to please a beer drinker? Leikam Brewing offers a subscription service that will keep the new homeowners well-stocked.

And there are plenty of non-alcoholic choices, too. Consider some locally-crafted BWild Kombucha or fresh-roasted coffee from Elliott and Murrey Coffee. And for tea lovers, opt for hand-blended herbal teas from Mama-te-A

5. Fun, Unique Decor

There is no end to home decor options for some perfect housewarming gifts. Ranging from sophisticated to quirky, these items can fit any style. 

Personalized yard decor, address plaques, and Christmas ornaments from CCR Custom Metals offer the homeowners a special item to treasure forever. Do the new owners feel most at home in the kitchen? Perhaps they’ll enjoy some fun, hand-drawn kitchen towels from One Lane Road.

Help the recipients add a sophisticated touch to their home with luxurious Yo Soy Candles or Lion and Rose Handmade Soaps. These beautiful choices are perfect for any style.

If you have some time to prepare, consider a personalized shadow box from Sudie’s Corner. This local artist hand paints customized shadow boxes to match the recipient’s home. This item will be a lifelong treasure.

6. Gift Boxes

If you can’t decide what to get, a carefully-curated gift box might be a perfect choice. The new homeowners can enjoy a collection of items from NW Love In a Box. With everything from chocolate to wine, these lovely gift boxes make popular housewarming gifts.

Gift boxes and baskets are perfect for housewarmings.

Your Presence Matters the Most

As fun as gift shopping can be for a housewarming party, don’t lose sight of the value of just being there. Your friends or family want to celebrate with you. They aren’t tallying presents.

A heartfelt “Congratulations” and a chance to visit is an invaluable gift. So enjoy your time together as you celebrate this new life milestone.

Is It Your Turn?

If you’re eager to host the next housewarming party, then maybe now is the time to buy. Purchasing a home is an exciting step toward long-term wealth and security. We’d love to chat and answer your questions about buying or selling in the current market. Reach out today, and let’s talk!

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