38 Things About Me

I have been saying for the last three years that I was going to start doing more video for work. Well, three years later and I’m still saying that so this year, my birthday resolution is to rip off the bandaid and JUST. DO. IT. Follow me (as I hopefully get better) as I create more videos about buying and selling real estate in the Portland area, our lovely city, and its local business. Find me on YouTube or IGTV and let me know your thoughts!

1. I’m from Bad Axe, Michigan
2. I am I was runner up and miss Michigan pre-teen pageant
3. I’m the youngest (and funniest) of three siblings.
4. I had a pet raccoon named Rocky when I was little that I saved from death!
5. Are used to work in hotels.
6. I was in the Navy.
7. My favorite color is yellow.
8. My lucky numbers 12.
9. I played the clarinet growing up but hated band.
10. My first car was a 1982 Ford Granada named Florence.
11. On that note my name all of my cars.
12. My current car is named Carter.
13. Are used to work as an on air morning person for Michigan public radio.
14. I love Jack Russell terrier‘s and had to name Duke and Daisy.
15. I am a certified electricians assistant.
16. One of my favorite movies is Cliffhanger.
17. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin.
18. One of my dream destinations is India.
19. My mom is like no kidding a 5’2″ beautiful Mexican woman.
20. I’m allergic to cats.
21. I’m afraid of spiders.
22. I am a PADI certified scuba diver.
23. I lived in the Dominican Republic for a while.
24. I’ve been to over 25 Caribbean islands.
25. I’m addicted to indoor plants.
26. I’ve raced in the world second longest freshwater sailboat race, the Port Huron to Mackinac.
27. My favorite alcohol like drink is a margarita or Pinot Noir…or sometimes rose.
28. I’ve never broken a major bone.
29. Favorite food is pizza.
30. Salty over sweet.
31. I oddly really enjoy being in hospitals in airports.
32. I have two nieces and three nephews under the age of five, all back in Michigan.
33. I worked on a private yacht out of Naples, Florida.
34. My favorite job I ever had (outside of real estate of course) was bartending at the Pink Pony on Mackinac Island.
35. I’m scared of really big fish.
36. I work at Soldera Properties, in my opinion the best real estate brokerage in Portland with some of the most amazing people!
37. I couldn’t stand the sight, smell or taste of basil when I was pregnant.
38. My dream is to own a summer home in Michigan with my brother and sister.

And there you have it! 38 things about me on my 38th year on this planet. For more videos check out my YouTube or IGTV channels!

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