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A Guide for First-Time Home Sellers

Spring and summer are the prime seasons for people to sell their homes and make a move. And even amid a pandemic, this is holding true. For first-time home sellers, preparing to sell a house can feel overwhelming if they don’t have the right information from the get-go.

At Julia Monaghan Real Estate Group, our team will put your mind at ease. We have loads of first-time home seller tips to make the process smooth and enjoyable. Reach out today, and let’s talk about how you can reach all of your real estate goals.

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally

Before you jump into the logistics of selling your house, take time to start processing the emotions surrounding this upcoming change. Many sellers are surprised to find themselves suddenly overwhelmed by intense feelings at some point during the transaction.

Depending on your situation, there is any number of emotions you may experience as you consider selling.

  • Excitement about moving to a bigger home
  • Anxiety over planning and executing the sale and move
  • Sadness at leaving a neighborhood or the house where you created memories and raised your children 
  • Anger about circumstances that cause you to sell before you’re ready
  • Enthusiasm about entering a new phase of life

Real estate agents are used to supporting their clients in all of these feelings. And they understand that the selling process can create a roller coaster of emotions. 

If you can take some time to recognize and allow all the feelings, you will be able to make decisions and plans with more clarity. And if stress runs high or tears show up while selling your home, that’s ok. It just helps to be prepared for the fact that it may happen.

Five Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

If you are selling a house, it’s highly likely you have already gone through the buying process. The good news is that much of the journey is the same for buyers and sellers, so the learning curve isn’t too steep.

But there are some crucial tips to keep in mind when you are selling rather than buying a property. Here are four things to consider.

1. Use a Seller’s Agent

Many people have no idea that buyer’s and seller’s agents are two different things. While a realtor can act in either capacity for a client, they should fill only one role in any given transaction. 

A seller’s agent only works for you, not for the buyer. They advocate and negotiate on your behalf exclusively. They also can help you navigate the timing and decisions required when you need to sell one house before buying another.

Selling is a busy job. Between open houses and private showings, it requires significant attentiveness and energy. When you have an excellent agent on your side, they do the scheduling and coordinating. 

Choose someone who knows your area well and is committed to getting you top dollar for your home. Experienced and first-time home sellers alike deserve the expert representation of a highly-qualified agent.

2. Understand the Market

It is not your job to know all the intricacies of the current real estate market. That task falls to your agent. But it is helpful to have a general idea of market conditions where you are so that you can be realistic in your expectations. Talk with your realtor to determine if you are facing a buyer’s market or seller’s market.

  • Seller’s Market – This scenario occurs when the demand for property exceeds the supply of homes available for sale. When this happens, sellers often receive offers above market value. They also may see multiple offers if the competition for homes is particularly tight.
  • Buyer’s Market – When the opposite conditions exist, there is a buyer’s market. That is, the supply of available properties outpaces the demand. In this situation, sellers have to compete for the attention of buyers and make their property look extremely attractive. They may need to lower their asking prices to make the sale.

Once you know which market you face, you will understand why your agent makes specific recommendations and suggestions. They want to make sure they work in alignment with the market.

3. Prepare the House

When you’re selling a house, your end goal is to sell as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. One key piece of this success is getting your home ready for its big moment.

As much as you love everything in your house, the truth is that much of it will need to disappear before your agent starts showing the home. Now is the time for decluttering, donating unwanted items, and packing up as much as you possibly can.

Your agent can do a walk-through of the house to discuss what should stay and what should go until you are in your new home. They can also give tips on minor decorating or cosmetic updates that will help your property to shine.

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider hiring a professional stager. They work strategically with the assets and limitations of a home to make it look stunning. They know how to use the space and lighting to the best effect possible so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. 

Some stagers also offer services where they come through to help you “redecorate” with items you already own. Hiring a stager can be a significant investment, so discuss with your seller’s agent whether you should consider this step or not. 

4. Be Flexible

Assuming you are still living in the home you plan to sell, this process will create some level of disruption. Preparing for walk-throughs and open houses takes time. 

And sometimes, you may get a call from your agent that an ideal buyer wants to come to see the house in two hours. You suddenly need to tidy up and vacate the premises, and this requires significant flexibility on your part. 

Selling a home involves a lot of go-with-the-flow moments until everyone signs on the dotted line on closing day. Lean into your agent and work with them to set parameters for showings. And trust that soon you will be on the other side of this. 

Our Team Takes Care of You

Sometimes selling a house can feel like you’re on a merry-go-round. There are so many balls in the air until everything settles that it can be overwhelming. At Julia Monaghan Real Estate Group, we help remove the overwhelm. 

As the go-to team in real estate for Lake Oswego, OR, and surrounding areas, we are on your side. We’d love to connect with you and serve you on your homeowner adventure. Give us a call today.

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