Buying a Home

The Importance of the Inspection Contingency

One contingency that protects buyers during the home buying process is the home inspection contingency period. In Oregon, the home inspection period is typically 10 business days long and is the buyer’s opportunity to identify any major issues with a home prior to closing.

Here are my top tips regarding the home inspection process:

1️⃣ Be there or make sure your real estate broker is there on your behalf. I always recommend buyers to be present during some or ideally, all of the inspection. As a buyer, you are given a thorough report on the home but there is something to be said about talking directly with the inspector during the inspection.
2️⃣ Hire a trusted inspector. Your realtor should know at least two they recommend and have worked with before. Please don’t leave what is likely one of the largest purchases of your life up to a google search or the fact that a certain company is $100 cheaper.
3️⃣ ASK QUESTIONS! I encourage buyers to #askquestions and get explanations on things they might not fully understand. Understanding the report, the risks and the benefits of a home can be crucial when requesting repairs and understanding your potential new home.

To learn more about your rights and how to maximize your power during the home buying process shoot me a text at 503-735-5398 or email at I’m happy to talk, even if you’re in the very beginning stages of planning to buy. #knowledgeispower

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