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When is the best time to buy and sell?

I get asked this question ALL. THE. TIME.  

I hate to answer with a question but I always do because it always depends.  I tend to start with; When do you NEED to move? What are your goals? How much time and energy do you have now? What’s next in your journey?  What is your bottom line?

Once we can talk through *your why* I can help you understand the market and the pros and cons of selling/buying now versus waiting.

This customization is one of the many reasons why I love what I do and helping people with real estate!  Everyone’s story is different and there is no cookie-cutter answer or equation.  It really comes down to what makes sense for you.  I’m happy to sit with you and get to the bottom of that oh-so-deep question so we can come up with the answer together.

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