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6 Reasons to Move to Portland

Portland is Oregon’s largest city with a multitude of reasons to consider moving your family there. To keep things simple, I am giving your my top 6.

  1. Location, location, location – Yep, it’s the perfect location if you like adventure and exploring. We are close to the mountains for hiking, camping and snow sports. There are countless access points for all of the many lakes and rivers and it’s less than a 90 minute drive to the Pacific Ocean. Oh, and don’t forget the short drive to Oregon’s Willamette Valley for all of the luscious wines (see number 6!).
  2. Community – Or should I say, communities. Portland is currently the 27th largest city in America however residents still get the sense of small-town and tight-knit neighborhoods. There are shared gardens, parks, events, fairs, and food cart pods (just to name a few) that all magnets for gathering people and getting to know your neighbors. I have met plenty of people that have visited Portland that end up coming back to make it their home because of the uniqueness and inclusiveness of communities.
  3. Bike Friendly – Bicycling Magazine rated Portland the #1 Bike-Friendly City in America in 2012 for good reason: as many residents class the bike as their number 1 way to travel around the picturesque town. Portland has over 315 miles of designated bikeways and the nation’s only bridge designated for cyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation users (sorry, no motor vehicles!).
  4. Climate – For those that like the 4 seasons in a year Portland ticks the boxes. From warm summers, colorful springs, vibrant falls to cool winters – Portland has them all. Yes we rain, but you get used to it. Plus when it’s not raining, it’s glorious. As my wonderful and wise dad says, “You don’t have to shovel rain.” If you’re really craving snow and winter sport activities, it’s just a quick drive to Mount Hood for snow and year round skiing at Timberline Lodge.
  5. Career Opportunities – The city has been booming since 2011 with many job opportunities bringing new residents to this once sleepy town. With big names like Intel, Nike, Adidas, Daimler, Precision Castparts and booming industries such as breweries, healthcare, and travel, Portland is not slowing down.
  6. Food (and beverage) Scene – Portland is a mecca for food and beverage lovers. The area’s renowned food carts offer up international fare that’s fast and inexpensive. With over 115 breweries in the Portland-Metro area Portland is a still an industry leader and from runner for Beer City USA. Artisanal bakeries, distilleries, coffee roasters and ice cream shops can be a bit pricier, but their quality offerings still command long lines and raving reviews. Tours specializing in highlighting certain food and beverage industries are on the rise!

There you have it, my top 6 reasons you should consider a move to Portland you will love it here we are a friendly bunch. CLICK HERE to check out available properties for sale or give me a call at 503-735-5398 for the full rundown.

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